Our team of developers and data scientists delivers solutions that will transform the way your organization makes decisions.


PRI Global’s automated intelligence solutions bring intuitive, comprehensive machine learning tools to your organization, delivering the insights you need to make smart business decisions.



PRI Global’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions empower clients in multiple industries to compete and grow. Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to bring a new level of efficiency and insight to your organization. Our solutions include:

  • Data Management — clean, consolidate, normalize, and integrate data from multiple sources so you can put it to work delivering meaningful insights for your organization
  • Data Visualization — dashboards and reporting tools that bring your data to life and deliver at-a-glance insights in real time
  • AI Solution Deployment — our experienced engineering team can assist in deploying complex AI and machine learning solutions into your production environment quickly and with minimal disruption
  • Decision Support Tools — PRI Global applies innovative analytical models to deliver decision support tools that compliment  your company’s human decision-making capabilities

PRI leverages proven engineering and development processes, combined with robust expertise in state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to build solutions that bring efficiency, speed, and increased productivity for your organization.

“Our intelligence is what makes us HUMAN, and AI is an EXTENSION of that quality.”

Yann LeCun