PRI Global is managed by a cohesive, experienced, diverse team. With six offices in the U.S., India, and the Philippines, we rely on our management team to communicate effectively and keep the organization focused on our common processes, objectives, and corporate vision.

Keenan Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Keenan Patel is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PRI Global. As COO, Keenan is responsible for the global strategic financial planning and operations across the organization.

Keenan began his career in the financial industry, where he was heavily involved in finding solutions for process efficiency and optimization. Demonstrating both an entrepreneurial and an intrapreneurial spirit, Keenan has an innate ability to quickly identify and actualize valuable ideas and employ shrewd strategies that maximize organizational capabilities, operations, and staff performance.

Since joining PRI Global in 2014, Keenan has been focused on technology-driven business services and solutions and driving profitable revenue growth across the organization to position PRI Global for long term success. Keenan has been instrumental in the organization’s realized growth with his involvement in process-driven solutions and integrating business units into a cohesive, matrixed organization.

Keenan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He believes continuous education and learning are the building blocks for success and is currently pursuing his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from the University of Michigan.