Let us put our technology experts to work for your organization. PRI Global’s innovative IT and cybersecurity solutions leverage our diverse skills and knowledge to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.



PRI Global is your go-to resource for IT and cyber security solutions that address the needs of commercial and mission critical business sector verticals which include Financial Services, Banking, Information Technology, Healthcare, Public Health, Energy, Utilities, Retail, Supply Chain (Logistics), Engineering, Communications, Defense Industrial Base, Emergency Services, Government, and Transportation.

Led by seasoned technology and cyber security experts, our diverse workforce brings a broad set of skills, advanced degrees, and certifications to every project. PRI Global delivers the benefits of outsourced development with a turnkey approach that ensures that your requirements are clearly understood, and your needs are met. Our goal is always to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively, so your team can stay focused on its core competencies and business priorities.

From PRI Global’s inception, we have done numerous IT and Security projects with Fortune 500 companies. Projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Web Services, Mobile Databases, E-Service Reporting, System Migrations, Merchant Report DB, Ticketing Systems, Smart Data Code Development, Big Data Applications
  • Performance Turing & Testing, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital and Customer, Marketing, Block Chain, ELT Push Payment DB, Development & Operations
  • Application Life Cycle, Application & Platform Ops, Big Data, Cyber Security, IT Staffing (PM & Engineers)
  • With our skilled IT and security professionals, we work with companies to develop innovative business solutions using proven and repeatable proof of concept tactics, techniques, processes and procedure methodology.

Our proof of concept initiatives includes – artificial & business intelligence, machine learning, data and predictive analytics, business models, and application development.

Please contact us to discuss your business and technical requirements and to get a better understanding of PRI Global’s capabilities, offerings, and proof of concept program