PRI Global is managed by a cohesive, experienced, diverse team. With six offices in the U.S., India, and the Philippines, we rely on our management team to communicate effectively and keep the organization focused on our common processes, objectives, and corporate vision.

Ajay Patel

Ajay Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Ajay Patel is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Owner of PRI Global. As CEO, Ajay is a visionary, thought leader, entrepreneur, planner, and strategist, leveraging technology and best practices to develop innovative business solutions to support customers’ needs.

Ajay is laser focused on growing the business, leading and managing top-level executives and providing sound leadership and advice to companies and C-level executives related to staffing, technology, cyber security, compliance, artificial intelligence, and business solutions.

Throughout Ajay’s 23 years as CEO of PRI Global, he has developed numerous long-lasting business relationships and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies globally.

Ajay has more than 30 years of hands-on experience working in a variety of IT roles as an architect, programmer, analyst, project lead, and project manager for various industrial-leading companies.

Ajay has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He is an active member of the Vistage Group, the world’s largest executive coaching organization for small and midsize businesses.